The People Behind the Packages

“Being a package handler is not for the faint of heart,” says package handler Wendy. If UPS drivers are the face of the company, then package handlers are its beating heart.

They keep the packages moving — they load, unload, sort, stack, pack, and scan. They make sure all packages, no matter the shape or size, get to where they need to go, to get on a truck, and out the door to UPS customers.

While being a package handler can be hard work, it is anything but boring. “It’s a lot of thinking, a lot of moving, you’re always doing something,” says package handler Kayla.

Despite the physical aspects of the job, many see it not just as a part-time job, but an opportunity to grow with UPS.

“To me, being a package handler is an opportunity for more,” says Pat. “It is a chance to move up to better myself and my family.”

Benefits like health care coverage and tuition reimbursement are attractive features to part-time package handlers who have been with UPS for a certain amount of time. Benefits that aren’t always provided to part-time employees at other companies.

“If you like teamwork, camaraderie, and a sense of mission, then this place is for you.” Wendy says of UPS.