Delivering on Faith

What do ministering at a church and driving a package car for UPS have in common?

Angela Soloman says, “a lot.”

As an associate minister at her church in Decatur, Georgia, Angela says she is able to bring her passion for faith with her to work as a driver and while leading the safety committee at the Roswell (Georgia) Center.

“My responsibility at UPS correlates to my work with the church,” Angela says. “It’s one in the same. You’re always out front leading and persuading people to do the right thing.”

Fellow Roswell Driver Chereese Young sees how Angela leads with purpose.

“She talks to everyone, she greets people, she’s always got this loving spirit about her,” Chereese says. “I can definitely see she has a heart for people and she’s passionate about things at both work and at church.”

Angela says she appreciates that opportunity to lead both at work and church.

“UPS is not always about work—it’s about family,” Angela says. “Being a driver, it’s a hard job, but it’s a great job. Being at a church, it’s a hard job, but it’s a great opportunity.”