Delivering Surprises and Smiles

Stratford, Connecticut, Service Provider Jenny Rosado is a self-described people person. So, naturally, her favorite part of being a driver is the relationships.

When Jenny joined UPS in 1989 she planned to stay for just six months and then head back to college. Thirty years later, she’s a wife, a mom, a Circle of Honor Driver (driving safely for 25 years), a friend to fellow drivers, a legend in her delivery area, and very happy to still be a UPSer.

“Before I started at UPS, I went to school to be a psychologist. So I always wanted to help and talk to people,” Jenny says. “Sometimes people are having a bad day and I make them smile. I do all kinds of jobs at UPS. I drive, deliver packages, mentor, carry groceries, and make friends.”

As a Super UPSer, Jenny was asked to be interviewed to so people could learn more about her. The catch, however, was that the interviews were conducted by children.

This event was part of the HiHo Kids YouTube video series where viewers learn about workers and their careers through the eyes and ears of children.

She described the experience in one word: Priceless.

Jenny was excited. She was nervous. But, most of all, she was confident. So confident, in fact, that when she walked in, the kids weren’t sure if she was there to make a delivery or be interviewed.

“Out of all the people, here I am sitting in this chair representing the company that I love working for,” Jenny says. “It was an amazing experience to be put in the spotlight and know that I was going to be the face of UPS. To represent such a huge company is just overwhelming.”