The UPS Hype Man

From the moment UPSers enter the gates at the Independence Hub in Fort Worth, Texas, they are greeted by the sound of music and cheers from fellow UPSer Darrell Hayward.

Darrell has a passion to get his fellow UPS coworkers smiling.

“I noticed people weren’t always smiling around here and I always believed that smiling is one of the things that doesn’t cost you anything.” Darrell says.

So every day, at the start of the shift, Darrell is out front with music blaring — sometimes donning a costume — often dancing and certainly high-fiving his coworkers as they arrive for work.

“With the energy I try to project, I catch them from the moment they get out of their car,” says the package handler and union steward.

But it doesn’t stop there, even in the hub, Darrell takes the music and the same attitude to motivate his coworkers.

And his coworkers and management team all agree it’s had a hugely positive impact on the people’s energy, morale and willingness to work together.

“It’s a game-changer,” says Michael Battle, the Independence Hub Day Sort Manager. “He makes you feel like you’re a part of something. He’s a major reason why the morale has been so high.”

“It’s all about what I do in the morning — being concerned with people and taking care of people,” Darrell says.