Olivia Walker-Harr was attending college to become a Portuguese translator and working two part-time jobs — one as a package handler at UPS — to pay her tuition.

Her plan was to follow her passion for words, but she quickly realized the opportunities UPS had in store for her.

“I took every opportunity that UPS gave to me,” Olivia said. “I worked really hard and I gave every day 110 percent.”

Soon into her career, Olivia was promoted and trained as a package car driver. But then she began to take an interest in driving a bigger truck — a UPS tractor-trailer or a feeder truck.

At the age of 23 she became the first female tractor-trailer driver out of Twin Falls, Idaho.

When she transitioned from the package car to the big rig, Olivia realized she wasn’t getting sufficient exercise.

Exercise had always been a passion of hers, so she asked a friend and personal trainer to help her develop some moves — using simple equipment like kettlebells — she could do on the road during meals and breaks.

She even shares some of her workout moves with her fellow drivers, both in person and through a fitness account on Instagram called Fittest of the Fleet.

“I have a new-found passion in life thanks to UPS,” Olivia said. “And I’m just really grateful that I have the opportunity to bring my love of fitness to work and to share that with other drivers.”