Joining the Best of the Best

The Circle of Honor Class of 2018 joins an elite group of drivers who have gone 25 years without a single accident. The patch they’ll wear means something different to every honoree. But to Florida District Feeder Driver Ginny Odom and Northwest District Package Car Driver Tom Fowler, their induction into the Circle of Honor represented another milestone for them and UPS.

“There’s not that many Circle of Honor drivers throughout the company,” says Tom. “It’s a very elite group of drivers.”

“You do whatever it takes. This patch means 40 years of hard work,” says Ginny.

Becoming the First to 40

Ginny made UPS History when she became the first female driver to reach 40 years of safe driving.

“When I first started at UPS, my goal was to just get through the first 30 days,” says Ginny. “I never thought I’d make it. I’m very proud to be in the Circle of Honor.”

Ginny drove an estimated 4.5 million miles over her career.

“Getting up at 2 o’clock in the morning day in and day out for years is not something most people want to do,” says Ginny. “I’ve done it. Nothing ever comes easy.”

Ginny retired after 41 years of safe driving, proud of her accomplishment. “There are so many little things that can take it away from you,” says Ginny. “It’s a hard road, but just keep going at it. You can do it!”

Serving America’s Last Frontier

Tom Fowler made UPS history when he became the first Circle of Honor driver in Alaska. “It’s really moving when you see a car smashed to pieces on a road in Alaska,” says Tom. “I would not want that to be my child, me, my wife, or anybody I know.”

Tom serves Ketchikan, Alaska, a town with a population of about 13,000. He’s one of only three drivers from the Ketchikan center. The town also has miles of stairs to help its citizens combat the 150 inches of rain it receives each year.

“It’s a tough job to lug someone’s computer up 200 steps, but we enjoy it,” says Tom. “Delivering in a small town, you really get to know the people you deliver to.”

The class of 2018 joins drivers like Ginny and Tom in celebrating their dedication to safety. In total, Circle of Honor drivers have collectively logged more than 221,000 years of safe driving. They’ve driven enough miles to make it to Mars and back 36 times.

“It is a hell of an achievement,” says Tom.