Chalk One Up for Safety

With more than 100,000 trucks on the roads around the world each day, UPS has a thing for safety. And UPSers join in to make that safety training fun, relatable, and memorable.

Enter people like, Marc Peeler, who is affectionately referred to as “the Chalk Guy.”

Marc, a UPS driver in Lenexa, Kansas, has been using his artistic talents for about five years to creatively inform and remind his fellow drivers of the proven UPS safety methods and rules of the road. Each morning, Marc works his magic on the cement floor of the huge facility in his group’s area creating chalk safety drawings.

“Whenever I’m creating a piece I want to make something that’s going to pop,” Marc says. “Each one is going to have its own original element, its own character, and its own sense of style.”

Whether it’s Focus Friday, or Think about it Thursday, as Marc has deemed the days of the week, he is always sharing a tidbit or safety reminder before drivers hit the road.

“It's really helped create an awareness for folks,” Supervisor Chris Doolittle says. “People have come to expect it.”

“Chalk art, for me, is a way to show my level of commitment to my coworkers, to my family, to myself, and to UPS just by keeping everybody safe,” Marc says.

For more of Marc’s daily drawings, follow him on Twitter @marc_peeler.