Angels in Brown

It appeared to be a normal work day for Cherry Hill, New Jersey, driver Joe Carbone and his helper Don Vance.

Little did they know they were about to make an unplanned “stop” that would alter the course of someone’s life. Faulty wiring in Kathryn Harris' kitchen caused a fire to start.

Faulty wiring in Kathryn Harris’ kitchen caused a fire to start.

Ironically, Joe and Don weren’t even running their normal route – they were filling in for another driver who had the day off. As they prepared to make a stop at Kathryn's house they saw the smoke.

As they prepared to make a stop at Kathryn’s house they saw the smoke.

"When we pulled into the neighborhood, you could immediately smell that smoky fiery smell like maybe somebody was burning wood, or maybe a firepit," Joe says.

So they acted quickly to get her out of the house.

"Right as I'm ready to step over my tub into the shower, I hear this banging on my bedroom windows, and I thought, 'Oh my goodness. What's this? Why is someone banging on my window?'" Kathryn says.

Joe called 9-1-1 and Don ventured into the smoky house to rescue Kathryn.

"Had they not come, another minute later I would've been in the shower and not heard them banging on my window,” Kathryn says.

And in true UPS fashion, Joe and Don continued back on their route after saving Kathryn’s life as if nothing had happened.